What to Remember When Playing Keno

Keno is a simple casino lottery game, similar to bingo in that the ultimate goal is to match the numbers on your card to the numbers announced by the caller. The primary difference between the two games is that in Keno, you can pick the numbers on your card. After that, it's all up to luck--though there are a few things you need to remember to do if you want to take home any winnings.

Keep Your Receipt

Once you've filled out your Keno ticket with your chosen numbers and the amount of your bet, you will hand it to do desk clerk in what is called the "Keno booth." Don't just walk away after you've handed in your card, though. Once the clerk enters your bet in the database, he or she will hand you a receipt. You'll need to show this receipt to verify your wining ticket and take home any profits.

Be Prompt

Once the winning Keno numbers have been randomly drawn, they will be broadcast live on screens around the Keno lounge. If you have matching numbers, keep track of these on your receipt. Once you've verified hits on all of your tickets, you can go up to the Keno booth and turn them in. Don't wait too long to do this, since the clerk will nullify your winnings if you don't turn in your receipts promptly.

In sum, just be responsible and attentive when playing Keno. Of all of the casino games out there, this one probably requires the least amount of dedicated focus, so just be sure to pay attention during these few pivotal moments.